Toulouse: Medieval City Wall

Section of wall that runs along Allée Jules Guesde

In the autumn of 2011, I spent a glorious week in Toulouse, where the first few chapters of my novel are set. Part of my mission was to trace out the medieval city walls in order to get a sense of the scale of the 13th-century city.

This section of wall that runs along Allée Jules Guesde looked to be the thickness and height of the medieval wall that encircled Toulouse at the beginning of the 13th century, and the location corresponds to where my period maps have the outer wall. I wasn’t able to confirm with a local expert, but I was comfortable concluding that it was indeed part of the perimeter of the medieval city.

Paris: Wall of Philippe Auguste

Section of the wall that enclosed medieval Paris

This section of the wall built by King Philippe Auguste, since integrated into the structure of a high school (Lycée Charlemagne), is one of the few remaining traces of medieval Paris. A big tip of the cap to 800 years of Parisians for keeping these pieces of history intact and in place.