In Gratitude

During the seven years I worked on The Geometry of Vengeance, I was assisted, educated, encouraged, and inspired (sometimes unwittingly) by a truly humbling assortment of individuals and organizations.

To the talented pros who helped make The Geometry of Vengeance a reality: developmental editor Dave King, whose care and expertise improved this book in countless ways; to proofreaders Amanda Brown, Cheryl Schopen, and Carol Thompson; to cover designer Glen Edelstein and interior designer Rosamond Grupp; and to photographer Brad Kevelin for doing yeoman’s work with Mother Nature’s rather parsimonious gifts.

To the following organizations, for giving to the future the gift of the past:

To the following writers, whose works have been particularly helpful; I hope I honor your scholarship by using it wisely:

Special thanks to Malcolm Miller, guide-lecturer, author, and world-renowned expert on the art and architecture of Chartres cathedral, for his thoughtful assistance and deep insight.

For kindnesses both quotidian and cosmic, for pointing me in the right direction, for contributing to the meaning of it all:

  • Joan Freer
  • Amy Ruth Dovel (thanks Mom!)
  • Skye Moody
  • G.M. Ford
  • Andrew Jaynes
  • Martha Otis
  • Steve Roth
  • PJ Royal
  • David Williams